KTS Recycling is proud to announce its pledge to ‘TAKE2’.

TAKE2 is Australia’s first state government-led pledge initiative and one of the most comprehensive climate change programs in the world.

Delivered by Sustainability Victoria, TAKE2 is the state’s collective climate change program supporting individuals, government, businesses, and other organisations to help our state achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and keeping global temperature rise to under two degrees.

Our Pledge

KTS Recycling has always looked for ways to create more sustainable methods of waste recovery and recycling through its 13 years of business, such as developing a waste to fuel initiative called PEF (Process Engineered Fuel) to divert waste from landfills and use them as fuel sources in place of fossil fuels such as coal.

We are very happy to be joining the pledge to ‘TAKE2’ to commit to more sustainable methods that will help reduce climate change. You can view our pledge and actions as a company at the following link here.

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