In partnership with Sustainability Victoria, the Detox Your Home program will be coming to Frankston Regional Recycling and Recovery Centre on Saturday Feb 1st, 2020.

What is Detox Your Home?

Established by Sustainability Victoria, Detox your home is a safe, free service to dispose of toxic, unwanted household chemicals. For many homes across Victoria, they are stuck with harmful chemicals that aren’t able to be disposed of through transfer stations, but now there is a way to remove these items risk free.

Why Detox Your Home?

Household chemicals can be dangerous – they can harm your family and your pets, add extra fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and pollute the environment for future generations. The Detox your home program – delivered by Sustainability Victoria in collaboration with local councils – recovers and diverts these toxic chemicals from landfill.

Safely dispose of your toxic household wastes to:

  • keep them out of our waterways
  • reduce the risk of poisoning and keep our homes safe
  • minimise environmental pollution and bushfire hazards.

Detox your Home is only valid for housholds wishing to remove harmful chemicals, not businesses.

More Information

You can find more information on the Detox Your Home at the below links:


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