Recycled (Tip Shop) Goods Shop

The Knox Transfer Station makes recycling Melbourne’s waste their business. Working in conjunction with WM Waste Management Services and the Knox City Council, the Knox Transfer Station supports recycling Melbourne like few other rubbish tips can boast.

The Knox Recycling and Waste Transfer Station is no ordinary rubbish disposal centre, functioning as a transfer station tip and waste recycling plant Melbourne can access, a solid waste disposal service and a Recycled Goods Shop Melbourne’s bargain-hunters will love.

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Knox Treasure Chest is located at 251 George Street, Wantirna South (Melway 72 D3), the Recycled Goods Shop, is easily accessible and open 9:00am to 4:00 pm seven days per week, including public holidays.  closed Christmas day and Good Friday.

So whether you’re a collector of antiques, an avid gardener, a handyman or simply in need of everyday household items, there’s something here for everybody!

Items of solid waste disposal Melbourne has recycled at the Knox Treasure Chest include bricks, pavers, timber, roofing, furniture, books, clothes and even kitchen sinks.

Where recycling Melbourne is concerned, nothing comes close to the Knox Transfer Station, so let someone else’s trash become your treasure!

For more information on waste disposal or the Recycled Goods Shop, contact us
here or call 9887 4222.

Recycled Goods Img 2For your rubbish disposal needs, the Knox Transfer Station are equally effective, providing a solid waste disposal alternative to the traditionally more expensive rubbish tip Melbourne have so long been accustomed to using. So for environmentally-friendly solid waste disposal Melbourne, why not try the Knox Transfer Station.To find out more about WM’s rubbish disposal service, obtain an online quote or discover how the Knox Transfer Station provide a waste recycling plant Melbourne can be proud of, contact us or visit the WM Waste Management Services SiteKnox Transfer Station plays an integral role in recycling Melbourne waste, is part of the group. WM Waste Management Services group.

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Knox Transfer Station also run a Recycled Goods Shop at our Coldstream, Frankston and Wesburn Recycling & Waste Transfer Stations.